Services we offer

Factoring is a flexible financial solution that can help a business be more competitive while improving cash flow, credit rating, and supplier discounts. Unlike traditional bank financing, factoring relies on the financial strength and credit worthiness of the client’s customers, not the clients themselves. You can use factoring services as much as you want or as little as you want. There are no obligations, no minimums, and no maximums. Philmark provides fast short term cash to small business based upon monies owed them for work or service already delivered (commercial invoices).


Company profile

Founded in 1996, Philmark is a British Columbia based Accounts Receivable Factor that specializes in short-term financing most often in the 5 to 250K+ per month range. We recognized the need for this method of financing for young often inherently under-capitalized companies that provide a good product or service to quality, credit worthy customers. Traditionally these companies are too small for conventional factors and do not have the necessary assets, maturity, retained earnings or personal credit scores of the principals to be commercially bankable by conventional methods. Often they have small, personally secured lines of credit with limited opportunity for increase.

We are not a broker or secondary agent but a direct funder. Our capitalization, access to leveraged funds and industry experience allows us to provide direct funding of our clients’ businesses. Principals are directly involved in all funding decisions and as such we are able to make decisions quickly. Funding is the same day for existing clients and new accounts can be set up within days.