Man hand holding a green young plantHorticulture / landscaping businesses, are seasonal. Off season provides little to no income but expenses always remain. Wholesalers use up cash and lines of credit preparing product for peak season and often will find it very tight financially just at the time where you need it the most. Landscapers scrape on by waiting for the opportunity to bid on new city tenders or property management contracts in the spring. It makes doing business very difficult, if not impossible, without financing assistance.

A common scenario:

It’s finally Spring! New business opportunities abound. You are beginning to get calls again from your old customers asking you when you will next be coming. You have a very short window to conduct as much business as you can in order to see yourself through the bleak winter months to follow. Cash is very tight and the municipalities and property / management companies or strata councils you provide services to don’t pay you until weeks after you have invoiced  them. You are concerned about taking on more work than you can comfortably manage financially.

Wouldn’t it be terrific if your customers would pay you as soon as you drop-off your invoice? You have to pay your employees every two weeks at a minimum. The more business you take on the bigger the payroll you need to cover, and the bigger the overall cash-flow challenge. There are payroll taxes to be paid on time, fuel, truck insurances, new equipment to purchase etc. but you may have to wait 45 to 60 days to receive your cheque and your profits.

Worrying about a customer cheque arriving in time to meet a payroll is a thing of the past. You simply sell your invoice to Philmark and get paid up to 90% of the total invoice right away. Simple, fast and convenient.

You can and here’s how:

Spot Factoring
Flex-Factor Program

“Philmark understood the seasonality of our industry and the need for cash flow at the start of a new season. When our bank refused to increase our line of credit, Philmark was there to provide us with the cash to get us through an extremely busy season. We had the funds available to take on new clients and as a result had a very profitable year “

N.S. – President
Horticulture Wholesale Supplies