Janitorial/Building Maintenance

Commercial Janitorial / Maintenance companies have a challenge in finding adequate financing their companies. There are usually few tangible assets in the company for Banks to secure their lending against plus for the most part they are dealing with large companies or property management firms that demand generous payment terms and thin profit margins.

The problem is smaller janitorial firms cannot afford to offer payment terms. They need to be paid earlier than their customers are willing to do in order to pay their employees. For a customer who takes 60 days to pay the business owner may have to cover up to four payrolls for the employees who generated that invoice.

Philmark’s invoice discounting or accounts receivable financing programs enable building maintenance companies to tap into money owed them from slow paying customers BEFORE the actual payment is received.

Immediate cash is generated from your existing receivables to take advantage of new business opportunities or meet a critical operating expenses. There are no fixed payments needed to repay a loan, because factoring is NOT a loan.

To find out more about Philmark’s unique financing programs see below:

Spot Factoring
Flex-Factor Program

“These guys are great. Post-construction clean-up can be frustrating at the best of times. Re-cleaning units after a sub-trade has gone back in to address a minor deficiency can delay approval of invoices to be entered for payment even more than usual. With Philmark there is no waiting and we have the cash when we need it”

R.T. – President
Commercial Contract Janitorial Services