Everyone says their rates are competitive. We mean it. At Philmark there are no hidden costs or fees. All costs are calculated on a daily basis only as long as the account sold Philmark remains unpaid. Simple and transparent.

Don’t be fooled by low-ball quotes by competitors to entice you into a contract. With some competitors what you see is not necessarily what you get. One should be very careful of how the rates are quoted and applied, it can make a huge difference. At Philmark we do not quote firm rates over the phone as each set of Client’s circumstances are unique. For example, if your selling hammers to Government institutions the cost will be lower than selling sophisticated electronic components to multiple small retail stores spread all over the country. We can give you an approximate idea of the costs involved but not until we understand the entire situation will we give you a firm quote. With Philmark there are no contracts, no minimum amounts to have to factor, no penalties. You simply use the service when and how often you need to and you know up front exactly what the cost will be.

Contact us directly to see how we can affordably help with business cash flow.