Try it to see if factoring is right for your business. You will need your monthly sales figures, cost of goods sold, and other information to determine if factoring is suitable for your business.


To find out if factoring makes sense for your business, please respond to each question

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What is your average monthly sales volume?
This suggests your annual sales volume equals:
What is your current outstanding balance of accounts receivable?
What is the dollar amount of your annual cost of goods sold? (How much does it cost to make or provide your product or service?)
Your answer to question #3 suggests an annual Gross Profit Margin of:
What is your Company's annual profit margin?
Do your vendors offer trade discounts if you pay early?
If yes, how much do they offer in discounts?
How are you financing your business today?
Credit Cards
Family and Friends
Other Loan Sources
What is the annual cost (percentage rate) of this financing?
How much more business could your company do if you had money today to buy more materials or hire additional labour?
This would translate into an incremental dollar amount in sales of:
How many days does it take you to make your product? Or for services, how many days in between generating an invoice?
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