Any company that provides goods or services to other businesses knows how difficult it can be to get paid promptly from certain customers. To be effective there should be a comprehensive credit policy in place for your company and a single person tasked with A/R management and timely follow-up with your accounts. This isn’t always cost-effective or practical to implement.

Philmark allows business owners to shift their whole focus because as a small business owner, you go into business because you ‘re good at what you do, not necessarily because you’re good at running a business. With Philmark on board you are freed up to focus on activities that will grow your business rather than collections. Plus you are ensured of having the financing in place to keep pace with the new business generated. Philmark conducts comprehensive and on-going due diligence on customer accounts you choose to factor, lessening the chance of a credit problem down the road.

To find out more about Philmark’s unique financing programs see below:

Spot Factoring
Flex-Factor Program

“Phil and his team at Philmark Capital have a wealth of experience and always eager to assist their clients. The services they offer are to help companies to be as financially fit as possible. I would recommend them.”

S.T. – Director
Surrey Printng Company